Temperature is perhaps the most important factor influencing the outcome of biological and chemical processes – even more so than the vinification. The measurement, control and management of this parameter and the interactions with all oenological processes must be completed in a precise, reliable and safe manner.

Expertise in electronic automation with microprocessor technology has allowed Parsec to create customised thermoregulation systems, without any compromise between the absolute need for precision, safety and ease-of-use.

Parsec’s multi-probe measuring systems.

Measuring temperature along with its regulation and management within a liquid mass of must or wine or – even more so – a non-homogenous solid-liquid mixture of must and marc is not easy nor should it be taken for granted.
It is only by taking the measurement at several points with the installation of a series of probes in the most suitable positions for the tank’s geometry that a reliable and actual control of the heat distribution in the mass is obtained.
Parsec’s temperature control manages 1 to 4 probes within each tank, calibrated automatically by the SaAEn Quadr@ computer interface.

icona temperatura
termoregolazione vini mulsonda

Secure and personalised thermoregulation

Parsec designs and manufactures automated and computerised temperature control and management systems thanks to microprocessor technology that takes into account the technical needs and energy requirements aligned with vinicultural protocols, utilising the most functional and sustainable materials and systems for cooling and heating in the reduction of energy consumption.

Parsec creates automatic plants with separate or alternative circuits and with programmed priority management of heat and cold, with the option to control using regular settings within a set point of +/-0.5 °C or in Ecoflex mode.

Thermal regulation is managed by the SAEn5000 system, the intelligent supervision set-up in which temperature control interacts with other vinification functions and parameters, such as the management of pump-overs and micro- and macro-oxygenation and the regulation of ACDF fermentation kinetics.

Windows-based, Parsec’s dynamic traceability software can be consulted remotely via PC and mobile devices, sending messages and alerts for diagnosis and localisation of problems upon any malfunction occurring, thus ensuring the utmost safety and a swift resolution.


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