When Parsec created the first oxygen dosing system for wine in 1997 (one of the world’s first micro-oxygenators), we didn’t quite realize the full implications of our achievement.

We did, however, understand that process control was crucial to producing quality wines. Although only fifteen years have passed, we have since delved into the fields of control systems, management software and advanced sensors, proposing quality solutions that allow wineries to better manage the fundamental wine-making parameters, including oxygenation, temperature control, the fermentation process, and much, much more.

Not long ago, in fact, the high-tech solutions and electronics that we employ for our winery systems in order to render the production process safer and easier would have been considered out of reach. Today, these are referred to as Smart solutions, and we are extremely proud of the fact that our company succeeded in getting “smart” long before the competition.

Also because all “Smart things” (whether cities, farms, wineries, etc.) arise from the sharing of different cultures and from the interdisciplinary activities that we carry out every day, working alongside winemakers, programmers, engineers, salesmen, technicians and mechanics, all of whom have been equally essential to achieving our goals. In order to succeed, is was necessary to find a common ground and a common language.

Since the beginning, Parsec has always placed much focus upon research and maintaining a fruitful dialogue with the various scientific disciplines. We have always turned to science in order to find explanations for our observations, and have always relied upon research when proposing new partnerships and topics of inquiry.

We have occasionally played the role of the middleman between the worlds of science and production, seeking to convey the results of the former to the latter, and the requirements of the latter to the former. We have been involved in countless meetings, conferences, seminars and publications. So what’s next? Could we possibly be too “smart” to remain indifferent to the call of the 2.0? Of course not. That’s why we have established a Blog and a Facebook page, where we can meet with all of you to discuss wine, wine-making techniques and the latest technological solutions developed for wineries, all while keeping a keen eye on the latest trends in the field of research.

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