Selective extraction for the vinification of red wines

The colour extraction techniques applied in the maceration of red grapes require an effective yet gentle influence on the grapes, which permits the noblest substances of the skin – the anthocyanins and tannins – to pass into the wine, being the undisputed protagonists of quality reds.
Essential for superior oenology is a good start to the fermentation thanks to a vital and active yeast population and the regular consumption of sugars through to complete exhaustion or until the desired residual sugar concentration is obtained.
To reduce the risk of stuck fermentations or fermentation stoppages, it is necessary to have timely, reliable and easy-to-read fermentation monitoring instruments able to determine the most suitable moments for nitrogen nutrition and oxygen supply operations in real time, along with the detection of any anomalies in the process.

Parsec has developed a series of automated and customisable technological solutions, suited to any production situation, quality, production size and oenological style – from the most traditional techniques such as punching-down or pumping over, revisited from a technological perspective to improve efficiency and the possibilities for automation, to the most innovative and advanced methods such as the isobaric vinifier Nectar or the revolutionary Air Mixing MI that permits selective extraction with an air or inert gas pulse system.


The homogeneity of the distribution of the liquid jet in wetting the cap is the main feature of SAEN6010XY, Parsec’s intelligent sprayer.

Thanks to the presence of two independent motors and a programmable microprocessor system, SAEN 6010XY permits modulating the flow rate of the pump, the spraying angle and the velocity of the bidirectional movement of the nozzles so as to ensure the homogeneous and “soft” wetting in tanks of any shape, size and filling level.

Irroratore per estrazione selettiva
6010X irroratore rotativo

Must Plunger

Parsec’s patented Compact Telescopic Must Plunger consists of three pistons with perfectly-protected rods, with the two lateral ones moving the punch-down plate whilst the longer central rod carries out the actual punch-down action. The pentagonal shape of the punch-down plate, characterised by triangular profiles, ensures a soft and effective action and perfect washability.

follatore per estrazione selettiva

Air Mixing MI

Air Mixing MI is an innovative technique for selective extraction of the colour and polyphenols from red grapes with modulated pulses of air or inert gas for use in steel or concrete tanks of any size or shape.

The revolution and core of Parsec’s patented Air Mixing MI is the original lateral nozzle installation mode plus the modulated and sequential gas injection. The jets of gas released by the nozzles vary in such a way as to produce disintegrating waves able to plunge, break and crumble the cap completely, inundating it with liquid, without violent mechanical actions and the use of moving parts that increase the risk of producing lees.

Air Mixing MI has been rewarded at an international level with a special mention the Innovation Award of Vinitech Sifel Bordeaux 2016 and winner of the Innovations Competition award at the International Fair Plovdiv 2017 in Bulgaria.



The Nectar isobaric immersion tank is an innovative patented extraction system that combines different and programmable functions of leaching (isobaric inundation), submerged-cap maceration and homogenisation (punch-down with air via a sudden variation in pressure) that exploit the thrust and pressure generated by the CO2 of the fermentation itself, without the use of pumps, motors or other mechanical means.

The combination of all three functions produces the NECTAR® effect, which leads to a completely homogeneous distribution of the grapes within the liquid, without any mechanical operation and with a minimal formation of lees


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