Integrated system for oenological control and supervision


Manage your cellar in a fully-automated way from your PC.

The intelligent and dynamic management of the control parameters and the interaction with all possible levels of automation in the vinification and ageing operations are finally a reality.


It is imperative to have the automatic devices and means that oversee the course of the process as a whole, rendering it possible to quickly intervene, and that provide the producer with the conditions necessary to enact their own decisions in an informed manner.

Parsec’s intelligent systems that integrate control of the process parameters with the automation of the vinification operations, the management of product traceability and the overseeing of the energy consumption are now able to do even more.

APP Saen 5000

The heart and mind

SAEn5000, the first BUS multiprocessor system, is an integrated, modular and expandable means of total and automated cellar control.

The microprocessors dedicated to each single control communicate and exchange data and operations with the central unit, in which the SAEn5000 system software and programming is installed, being powerful yet easy to use, plus able to be managed remotely via computer or mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones.

In this way, it is possible for the manufacturer to effectively manage the process, setting the operations for colour extraction, oxygenation or temperature adjustment within their own protocols, based on the fermentation dynamics or thermodynamic profiles measured or even the interactions between the various parameters, all in a simple and clear way.

SAEn5000 offers automation
for the dynamic and interactive control
of the process:

SAEn5000 offers dynamic and interactive process automation and control regarding:
_ Temperature regulation (link)
_ ADCF fermentation evolution (link)
_ Aphromate autoclave refermentation management (link)
_ Management of colour extraction operations (link)
_ Management and control of macro- and micro-oxygenation (link)
_ Management of the maturation and refining of distillates and fortified wines with the Caudalie Improver (link)


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