Management of dissolved gases in oenology

A wide range for a pre-closed control of the dissolved O2 and CO2 gases.


Parsec’s micro-oxygenators were the first to be equipped with a constant-volume dosing chamber capable of delivering oxygen in precise doses not influenced by gas pressure and temperature, expressed in mg/l. Oxygen is released into the wine continuously and constantly in macro-oxygenation mode (in mg/l/day) or micro-oxygenation mode (in mg/l/month). Micro-oxygenators can also be used in “Single Dosage” mode to reproduce the total or partial effect of aeration. Parsec offers a wide range of ceramic or steel spargers from which to choose according to the characteristics of the tanks, the dosages and applications


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EVO 1000

Deoxygenation and management of the CO2O content in wines. EVO1000 is a high-flow precision dispenser of technical gases (CO2O and N2O) which, thanks to Parsec’s dynamic control of all parameters involved in the process and the innovative mechanical solutions, ensures absolute precision in the dosage of the injected gas and the perfect dissolution of the gas in the liquid.
The Evo1000 offers producers the ideal tool for precisely adjusting the CO2O content and for removing the dissolved oxygen unintentionally introduced during critical phases such as transport or handling. The removal of oxygen also permits limiting the use of sulphitation throughout the phases of greater oxidative risk.

Evo 1000 deossigenazione carbonicazione gasificazione


The measurement of dissolved oxygen is fundamental in the control of oxidative risk and oxygen contamination within each cellar operation right through to the bottling and in the management of the shelf-life of the filled bottles. In order to optimise the management of oxygen in the handling, racking, unitary operations and bottling phases, careful control is required in order to identify critical points.
Oxylevel 2200 is a versatile and easy-to-use luminescence-based optical oxygen sensor. Equipped with two data acquisition channels, it facilitates simultaneous measurement via two dissolved oxygen probes or the association of pH or conductivity control. Dissolved oxygen can be read by using an immersion probe or in a non-destructive manner via the application of a luminophore through the glass of the bottle.

oxy level Misurazione Ossigeno disciolto
Misurazione ossigeno disciolto
Top Tube _ Sistema di colmatura intelligente


TopTube® is an automatic system for the control and maintenance of topping up of tanks and barriques. Top Tube® is simple, cost-effective and easy to install on any container. It consists of a fixed volume compensation chamber in stainless steel, equipped with a control system an advanced sensor that controls the fill level in the tank.
TopTube® is able to compensate for any variation in wine volume within the container owing to thermal expansion, evaporation or sampling.

Top Tube _ sistema di colmatura intelligente

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