Evo 1000 is one of the New Technology mentioned for the Lucio Mastroberardino Innovation Challenge Award at the 50° Simei event.

logo 50 yearsEvo 1000, the dispenser of technical gases, nitrogen and CO2, developed and manufactured by Parsec, was nominated for the Lucio Mastroberardino New Technology Award for Innovation. Among all those participating in the award, the panel consists of representatives from the world of research and entrepreneurship, and has nominated 23 innovations worthy of a mention.

The SIMEI Innovation Challenge is in its second edition, which this year has been dedicated to Lucio Mastroberardino, the president of the Unione Italiana Vini (Union of Italian Wines) who passed away before his time.

EVO1000 is a high-flow precision dispenser for CO2 e N2, which thanks to the innovative dynamic control of all the parameters involved as part of the process, is able to guarantee a perfect dissolution of the measured gas, along with a high level of dosing accuracy. The quantity of gas injected is adjusted in real time as a function of the flow rate, temperature and the pressure of the liquid.

EVO1000The EVO1000 dispenser has two operating modes: additive and subtractive. In additive mode, it is possible to dose CO2 effectively, and to incorporate certain adjustments (0.2-1 g/l), enrichments (1-3 g/l) and to introduce gas under pressure (up to 6 g/l) which in itself guarantees a genuine dissolution. In subtractive mode, thanks to a special dosage of N2, it is possible to reduce the amount of dissolved gases (O2 or CO2), which are present in the liquid. The reduction of oxygen or of dissolved CO2 can be operated either in manual mode or in automatic mode via the installation of an in-line probe which is able to read the level of gas being dissolved.

It comes equipped with an accurate magnetic induction flow meter, and also allows you to insert and to monitor the movement of the product during the transfer and blending phase, as well as allowing you to prepare the product before bottling, which prevents the accumulation of oxygen, as well as preparing beer and other types of fizzy drinks.

The award given by the panel at the Simei event is just the last in a long list which have been awarded primarily by the long tradition International French Fairs and Events, Sitevi and Vinitech.

Our ideas, already awarded and appreciated in those locations throughout the years and are still expected to remain at the top of this innovation category for the Simei event.

2013-11-13 18.15.02In order to mention just some of the achievements, we should remember that as early as 2012, Evo 1000 had been nominated for its innovations at the prestigious Vinitech Sifel event in 2012. In that same edition of the Oenovation Trophy of the Bordeaux exhibition , Nectar, the winemaking system based on an isobaric alluviation, which is unique in so far as it allows for a complete and extensive potential for operations at the extraction stage without the help of pumps or moving parts, had also received an honourable special mention.

Thanks to those who came to visit us at the SIMEI event, Stand G29, hall 11, between 12th and 16th November !

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