Management of alcoholic fermentation

The colour extraction techniques applied in the maceration of red grapes require an effective yet gentle influence on the grapes, which permits the noblest substances of the skin – the anthocyanins and tannins – to pass into the wine, being the undisputed protagonists of quality reds.

Essential for superior oenology is a good start to the fermentation thanks to a vital and active yeast population and the regular consumption of sugars through to complete exhaustion or until the desired residual sugar concentration is obtained.

To reduce the risk of stuck fermentations or fermentation stoppages, it is necessary to have timely, reliable and easy-to-read fermentation monitoring instruments able to determine the most suitable moments for nitrogen nutrition and oxygen supply operations in real time, along with the detection of any anomalies in the process.

The ADCF and Aphromate have been developed by applying the most advanced scientific knowledge on the microbiology of wine that Parsec has achieved after years of research, resulting in these two advanced instruments for monitoring the progression of the fermentation and management of primary fermentations and refermentations in autoclave, offering the possibility to integrate the advanced function of automatically dosing nitrogen and complex nutrients in the determined moments of real need.

Analisi Dinamica della Cinetica Fermentativa (ADCF – Dynamic Analysis of Fermentative Kinetics)

ADCF® (for the Dynamic Analysis of Fermentation Kinetics) is an innovative instrument developed by Parsec that permits monitoring carbon dioxide production with the utmost precision, in real time and continuously, being directly correlated to the consumption of sugars to an extent representative of the entire mass in fermentation.
By maintaining a slight overpressure in the tank, ADCF measures every slight change in pressure generated by the production of CO2, which is then released via a vent valve, using extremely precise sensors. ADCF can be applied to any type of tank equipped with a manhole both in the vinification of white musts and for red grapes, with an advantage observed in the conditions of extraction and homogenisation of the solid-liquid mass.
Thanks to ADCF, it is possible to obtain a precise snapshot of the parameters that describe the progress of the fermentation process (such as the velocity of the fermentation) in any given moment and, due to the SAEn5000 monitoring system, guarantee regular fermentations whilst averting the risk of slowdowns or arrests.


Aphromate – managing the prise de mousse in the autoclave

Aphromate® is a dynamic monitoring system for the control and management in autoclave of the prise de mousse in the production of sparkling and semi-sparkling wines using the Martinotti or Charmat method. Through a series of unique and original algorithms experimentally developed, Aphromate facilitates the management of all phases in the production process of sparkling and spumante wines produced with the Martinotti/Charmat method.

Aphromate is not a simple temperature and pressure meter but an advanced system in which enrichment operations, tank closure, management of the duration of the prise de mousse and the desired residual sugars at the end of the refermentation process can be evaluated in a predictive manner or monitored with high accuracy throughout the process.

cellar mate

Cellar Mate

Cellar Mate is a robotic system for yeast rehydration and the preparation of the pied de cuve, also suitable for mixing other oenological products, tannins, clarifiers (bentonites and protein adhesives), and so on. With Cellar Mate, the control and automated management of all parameters of temperature, agitation, oxygenation, volume of liquid and time permits the optimisation of the yeast preparation and maximises its effectiveness and activity at the time of inoculation. Cellar Mate is available in two volumes and can also be equipped with the ADCF for the management of dissolved oxygen and fermentative activity.

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